Let's Meme with Friends
You are how you speak - create messages as any avatar that matches your personality and mood using our gallery of animated emoji, voice changers, apparel and accessories and chat with friends on your phone!
Memology Early Bird NFT is coming! Join our Discord to stay tuned and get whitelisted!

What is Memology?


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Jan 6th 2022
Technology validation
Mar 17th 2022
First AMA out of stealth, Discord 2400 members
Mar 23th 2022
Key functions beta testing
May 2022
Pre-launch beta testing
June 2022
Public launch

Our Team

Cool Bird
● Serial entrepreneur
● Product enthusiast
● Engineering at TikTok
Cute Bird
● Serial entrepreneur
● Ameatur artist
● Harvard alum
Bored bird
● Forbes 30 under 30
● Research at Meta
● MIT alum
● NFT heavy bagholder
● Operations at Binance
● Stanford alum


What is Memology?

Memology is a brand, a community and a product. It starts with an avatar-based messenging app.

Is it Web 3?

Whether Web3 or not is only in the eye of the beholder.
We are trying to build a great social app that everyone can use! No metamask required!
Users who have wallets and love NFTs can mint those avatars and their accessories on public blockchains.

What's the difference from other NFT projects?

We have a product on your phone coming together with our launch of our very first NFT collection. It will be on App Store (very very soon), not just on the roadmap.

What is the Early Bird NFT?

Early Bird NFT is a badge of early users and community members.
Those NFTs are generated entirely from hand drawings by our team.
We are trying to use those NFTs to build our initial community, find users for beta testing and bootstrap our product launch.
Early supporters aka NFT holders will be rewarded as we grow and roll out more features and utilities.

Why a bird?

Our app logo is a bird and the NFTs are for our early users and community members. So it's obivious: an Early Bird.

How to get whitelisted?

Two major ways to get whitelisted:
● Invite more people to our Discord
● Download our app and join our beta testing
Details are in our Discord.
Mint fee and mint date will be announced in the Discord.

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